"Atmospheric, emotional music." The Advocate

“…a powerful combination of intensely personal lyrics, CN’s skill at the piano and an ethereal voice. The musical arrangements are moving and immersive, the words deeply poetic – elusive and allusive – offering something new on each occasion; it is rare to find lyrics of this depth and quality. Aether is an album from an artist who is not only an incredibly talented singer and pianist but also someone aware of the power and subtlety of language.” Polari Magazine

“When it comes to describing CN Lester’s music, there aren’t enough adjectives synonymous with ‘gorgeous’. We’re only resisting that much maligned phrase ‘achingly beautiful’ by sitting on our hands.” For Folk's Sake

“…eerily beautiful piano-driven songwriting…A writer and activist as well as a consummate musician, CN’s work combines poignancy and eloquence with a wry awareness of the vagaries of human nature that’s rarely less than moving, an ever-haunting articulation of loss and sorrow and joy and acceptance and hope.” This is Cabaret

"Astonishing beauty." DIVA

“There are moments of absolutely exquisite, spine-tingling, all-consuming immersion to be found on Aether, the like of which we only very rarely encounter…an epic collection of devastatingly luscious compositions.” So So Gay

“…a lush, mournful, folk-infused acoustic delight." Last Year's Girl

Incredibly personal songwriting, underpinned by a vocal talent that only rarely graces our ears." Headfirst Bristol

“There’s a most familiar emotion that lies between joy and sorrow, one that’s filled with the small pleasures of the everyday, and in Lester’s very capable hands and voice that liminal space is brought to shimmering light.” From a High Horse

“…the inestimable CN Lester. Their haunting vocals and gorgeously constructed songs would make Rupert Murdoch himself cry.” Sabotage Reviews



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