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"Atmospheric, emotional music." - The Advocate

As a piano-driven singer-songwriter, CN Lester has crowdfunded three solo albums: Ashes (2012), Aether (2014) and Come Home (2017). Recorded and produced by Jack Byrne, with album photography by Robin Conway. All are available on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon - sample tracks and videos below.

CN has performed at art galleries, universities, bars, Prides, independent radio, coffee shops and concert halls throughout the UK and, on occasion, internationally. They recommend you listen with your eyes closed.

“…a powerful combination of intensely personal lyrics, CN’s skill at the piano and an ethereal voice. The musical arrangements are moving and immersive, the words deeply poetic – elusive and allusive – offering something new on each occasion; it is rare to find lyrics of this depth and quality. Aether is an album from an artist who is not only an incredibly talented singer and pianist but also someone aware of the power and subtlety of language.” - Polari Magazine