Diversity & Inclusion

Everyone who attended the workshop came away feeling educated, inspired and empowered. CN structured the session so that the social, political and personal impact of being trans - past and present - was presented clearly and sensitively. Questions were actively encouraged at all stages and the session finished with an outline of practical tools and approaches. The workshop and handouts have given us a really valuable set of resources, which will continue to inform our approach to audiences across the spectrum, and set a high bar for communication strategies. I couldn’t recommend their work more highly.
— Natasha Plowright, Director of Communications, The Photographers' Gallery

CN Lester is an experienced educator, consultant, and speaker on trans lives and gender equality.

Previous clients and venues include: Sydney Opera House, Ministry of Justice digital team, Oxford University, The Barbican, Makers Academy, Deloitte Digital, Guardian Online, The Photographers Gallery, and the GLA.

Lester’s approach is collaborative, focusing on the importance of contact theory and achieving and maintaining a growth mindset. Their training centres on unlearning and counteracting unconscious bias, best practice in organisational systems and interpersonal relationships, and on moving from diversity as an add-on to inclusion as a core value.

CN’s talk on the hidden history and current experiences of trans people led to an utterly compelling event at The Guardian. The historical perspective set issues in a cultural context that created a very interesting discussion. It also led to a greater understanding that helped people feel more comfortable and informed engaging with trans issues today.

Attendees said it was an extremely informative, enjoyable and thought-provoking talk that they felt lucky to have at their workplace.
— Sarah Simonon, Head of product, discovery and user experience, Guardian News & Media

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